This privacy policy is dated 15th December 2022.Privacy policy Pubhopper B.V. and Pubhopper App

This privacy policy applies to all activities of the Pubhopper App and all websites of Pubhopper B.V. and Pubhopper NL B.V.

You can find the Pubhopper App in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Pubhopper respects the privacy of its app users and customers, in particular their rights regarding to the automatic processing of personal data. We have therefor formulated and implemented a policy on complete transparency with our customers regarding the processing of personal data, its purpose(s) and the possibilities to exercise your legal rights in the best possible way.

If you require any additional information about the protection of personal data, please visit the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

Application of this privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to all activities off the websites and apps of Pubhopper B.V. and Pubhopper NL B.V., from now on “Pubhopper”. Pubhopper is responsible for processing personal data which are gathered by the websites and apps of Pubhopper. Personal data can be exchanges between the companies Pubhopper B.V. and Pubhopper NL B.V.

Location data and location access

Pubhopper uses (when the user approves) location data. These location data is necessary in order to present a fitting advice to the user, based on the current location. The user will be presented companies in the neighborhood.

Which personal data does Pubhopper use and what for?

1. User of the Pubhopper app:

  • Personal data, like: name, gender, e-mail, location, phone number and date of birth.
  • Data regarding to interaction: search behavior, achievements

2. Companies:

  • Data regarding to contact and payments, like: name, gender, e-mail, address, phone number, date of birth, IBAN number, customer relation number.
  • Data regarding to interaction: search behavior, achievements

Pubhopper uses the gathered personal data to give a custom made selection and improve the user experience. Also the personal data is used for service and marketing purposes.

Pubhopper is obligated to deliver personal data upon request of government parties such as: police and department of justice.

Pubhopper will use personal data for development purposes and analyses.

To whom will personal data be delivered?

Pubhopper will only deliver personal data to third parties when this is admitted. Pubhopper will always take good care of the personal data. Pubhopper will only deliver personal data when it fits the goals of usage of personal data (improve user experience, legal obligations, development/marketing).

Pubhopper will deliver personal data when there is a legal obligation, upon request of government parties, such as the police and justice department.

Also Pubhopper delivers personal data to parties which are attached to Pubhopper in terms of the function of apps and websites. For example the app-developer.

Pubhopper takes care of a fitting protection of personal data.

For how long does Pubhopper keep the personal data

Pubhopper does not keep the personal data longer than necessary. When the goals of Pubhopper are no longer serviced and the personal data is no longer needed.

Protection of personal data

The protection of personal data is important for you and therefor for us. Pubhopper has taken fitting measures to ensure that your personal data is save. However, these measures don’t ensure a 100% savety. Pubhopper can not be hold responsible for unauthorized, or unwanted access to personal data which are outside control of Pubhopper. The websites and apps of Pubhopper contain links to other websites and apps. Pubhopper hold no responsibility for those websites and apps and therefor they are no part of this privacy policy of Pubhopper. Pubhopper recommends you to take notice of these privacy policies.

Pubhopper also can’t be hold responsible for incorrect delivered data by you, or consequences by your own activities. You are responsible for your own correct and valid personal data.


A great part of the gathering of personal data where this privacy policy is applied to is done by cookies, or similar technologies. A cookie is a small text file placed on the hard drive of your electronic device upon visiting our websites, or apps. A cookie contains data so you can be recognized as a visitor when you are visiting our websites, or apps. It enables us to adjust to your needs and it facilitates you on our websites and apps.

Java scripts and web beacons are examples of these similar technologies, all these technologies allow a system to gather required information. Another example of a similar technology is a beacon. This is a small device which can be placed in a bar, or near an event. This beacon can send and receive information on your mobile device via the app.

Pubhopper uses API’s to get access to necessary data, as mentioned at “1. User of the Pubhopper app”, in order to give a user friendly and automated experience.

Your privacy rights

Request for information

You can ask for your registered personal data. You can send your request to:

Request for removal, or change of your personal data

You can make a request for removing, or changing your personal data. Pubhopper will honor this request if it’s meets the legal terms and the policy of Pubhopper. Please keep in mind that Pubhopper can request for additional motivation when it is legally obliged to do so.

You can also make a request when you no longer wish to receive certain data from Pubhopper.

Contact with Pubhopper

Requests in relation to the personal data can be send to:, or by letter to:

Aquamarijnstraat 135
7554 NP Hengelo
The Netherlands

Changes of the privacy policy

Pubhopper can make changes to the privacy policy. Pubhopper therefor recommends to consult the privacy policy regularly to see if there are changes.

This privacy policy is dated 15th December 2022.

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